The Best Wyoming King Bed for Side Sleepers

Getting a good night’s sleep involves a ton of different factors and variables. Everyone sleeps different, which means individual needs aren’t universal. If you’re having difficulty feeling comfortable in bed, or find yourself in pain in the morning, it might be time to switch over to a different mattress. The best way to determine your next mattress is to find one that caters to your sleeping profile. 74% of sleepers snooze away on their sides, which should mean that almost every bed on the market caters to side sleepers, but that simply isn’t the case. One of the best investments you can make for your sleep, mental, and physical health is upgrading to a bed that caters to your needs.

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So, what sets side sleepers apart from the rest of the snoozing world?

Side Sleepers Need Extra Comfort & Support

Sleeping on one’s side is extremely comfortable and can be healthier for you depending on your age and weight. Unlike sleeping on your back, side sleeping doesn’t lead to sleep apnea, which can potentially manifest into type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and snoring that annoys your partner. While side sleeping has its fair share of positives, it’s important to take the good news with the bad.

Side sleepers tend to suffer shoulder pain far more than any other sleeping profile. Because they’re pushing into the bed with their shoulder, this can cause shoulder misalignment, which can lead to major strain during the day. Those who lay on their shoulders also have to worry about neck pain, which can affect posture. On that same note, particular attention needs to be paid to the spine so it continues to remain neutral in the sleeping position

How Side Sleepers Can Improve Their Nights

One of the easiest ways to prevent shoulder and neck pain is to place a pillow under the shoulder. While this is a great first step in improving health hygiene, if you move around and switch sides while you sleep, this could potentially prove to be moot. Placing multiple pillows may not be feasible if your bed is small and your share the space with a pet or partner. Consider an over-sized king bed for when you upgrade your mattress.

Before you go to sleep, get relaxed and de-stress yourself. Once you feel calm and light, consciously lie in a position that’s comfortable that doesn’t compromise the body’s posture. Strategically placing pillows throughout your body can help prevent pain in the morning, whether it be from your neck or shoulder. Try and implement a light stretching routine to jolt you awake and relax your muscles, particularly your neck and shoulders.

To go a step beyond, consider upgrading your current Wyoming King mattress for one that is suited for side sleepers.

What Bed Does a Side Sleeper Need?

Those who lay on their sides should ideally opt for a medium-firm mattress. A medium-firm bed provides considerable support to one’s neck and shoulders, and depending on how they sleep on their side, even the hips. A medium-firm bed is the perfect marriage between providing support to key pressure areas whilst also maintaining the comfort and sensation of sinking into bed. Sinking too deep, however, can cause sleepers to experience even more pain. Pay attention to necks and shoulders if you purchase a soft bed on the firmness scale, which can force the spine to curve. Foam mattresses are typically recommended as they can provide the sensation of sinking into a bed without affecting pressure points, cradling you away to sleep. Coil mattresses are also viable, though material is often to left to preference.

Which Wyoming Bed Is Right for Me?

If you sleep on your side, you know just how much space you take up, which can irritate your partner or pets. To provide the maximum comfort both for you and your sleeping partner, consider a large, Wyoming King-sized bed. You’ll have enough space for yourself so you can switch sides while you’re in deep sleep without disturbing those beside you.

Our Luxe Wyoming mattress is made up of premium latex foam that provides full body pressure relief, which means you can say goodnight to neck and shoulder aches. The base prevents excessive sinking so your spine stays aligned, leaving you fresh and ready to take on the day. Our Wyoming bed is fully customizable in terms of firmness, though we do recommend medium-firm for side sleepers.