Wyoming King vs. Alaskan King: Which One Is Better for You?

If your family prefers co-sleeping, a family-sized mattress can provide enough room for everyone to stay comfortable throughout the night. These oversized options are much larger than your standard king and California king beds, but they are not available in most stores.

These options are also great for anyone looking for an extra tall mattress. Whether it be for couples or individuals, both fill the needs of anyone who doesn’t fit into a standard sized mattress.

Alaskan King vs. Wyoming King: Size Comparison

Both Alaska and Wyoming king mattresses are square-shaped. However, the Alaska king is much bigger.

  • Wyoming King: 84" Length x 84" Width
  • Alaskan King: 108" Length x 108" Width

As you can see, the Alaskan king is 24” longer and wider than the Wyoming king. In fact, it is the largest all family-sized beds.

Alaskan King vs. Wyoming King: Bedroom Size Recommendation

Two of the most popular family-sized mattresses are Wyoming king and Alaskan King. Let’s see how they compare.

Whenever you shop for a new bed, it is vital to keep your bedroom size in mind. This is especially important when shopping for custom and oversized mattresses. You need to have enough room to assemble the frame inside and move it comfortably if required.

The average bedroom size in the US is 11x12 feet, while the standard master bedroom is quite larger, measuring 14x16 feet. Heights and widths of door frames are also a factor to consider before making a purchase.

Who Should Buy the Wyoming King?

The Wyoming king is an excellent option for couples who need a little more space while sleeping. If you both like to change your positions during the night and don’t want to disturb your partner, having that additional sleeping area can help. It is also a good mattress for tall couples where both partners are over six feet. If you’ve struggled to find an option outside of custom mattresses that works for you, it’s likely the Wyoming king can solve your problems.

However, if your taste or needs exceed those of an 84” x 84” mattress, it may be time to consider the Alaskan king.

Who Should Buy the Alaskan King

The Alaskan king bed is big enough for the whole family to sleep together. That includes both parents, two or three small children, and pets.

While the Alaskan king is great for those on the very tall side and families with animals who love to share the bed, it’s also important to consider bedroom size. At a massive 108” by 108”, the Alaskan king is not made for studio apartments.

If you happen to have a large bedroom and are drawn to the idea of a bed of this size, then the Alaskan king may be right for you.

It’s also perfect for couples who like to spread out into a starfish sleeping position. Or for partners with completely different sleep schedules who don’t want to disturb the other one when getting in and out of bed.

An Alaskan king is also a good option for extra tall people (over 7 feet) who don’t want their feet hanging off the bed.

Which One to Choose?

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing your mattress. That includes room size, your co-sleeping arrangements, sleeping schedules, and budget. However, finding a family-sized mattress is not easy because most standard stores don’t have them.

The Wyoming king is a great extra-large option for most families, but if you’re closer in height to Shaq than the average-sized adult, the Alaskan king could be the perfect option for you. Both options are great beds for tall people and ideal for families. Whether you choose the Alaskan king or Wyoming king mattresses, our premium models are an excellent fit. Each model is hand-crafted in North Carolina to provide ultimate comfort. So, make sure to visit our online stores and choose your perfect model.