Easy Ways to Create an Ideal Sleep Environment

The benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be understated. If you sleep well, you’ll be more productive during the day and produce better athletic results. You’ll also stave off several illnesses and improve your heart’s function. The benefits don’t end there as your mood will be better than ever, as there’s considerable data that suggests poor sleep hygiene is linked with depression.

There’s a strong connection between how our environment impacts our sleep. While you may think you’re tossing and turning because of restless thoughts, there’s a possibility that your environment is impacting your ability to get some sleep.

As the master of your own body, it’s important that you take practical steps to make your sleep environment as comfortable and ideal as possible. Not everyone sleeps the same way, but there are certain similarities between sleep profiles. There are lots of actions you can take right now to make sleep as peaceful as possible.

Make Your Bed as Comfortable as Possible

Your bed should operate as an oasis that promotes peaceful slumber. It’s where you go to relax and drift away. If you’re having trouble sleeping or aren’t getting the most restful of snoozes, you should go to the heart of the problem. One of the best ways to determine if there is something wrong with your mattress is if it’s over a decade old. You should replace your bed every six to eight years to ensure its provides maximum comfort. It’s also important to realize that not all beds are equal and that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to beds.

Mattresses are meant to cater to specific sleep needs and you should lay on a bed that works for you. A side sleeper requires a completely different bed compared to those who lay on their stomach. Those who sleep on their side will benefit from a comforting medium-firm mattress that wraps around their body and provides support to their neck and shoulders. Meanwhile, those who have back issues will do well with a firm mattress that doesn’t provide a sinking sensation.

A great versatile option is The Luxe 12" Wyoming King bed. It’s an oversized mattress that features exceptional posture support and provides quality comfort thanks to a thick, natural latex foam. The Wyoming King mattress can be customized with the desired firmness to produce an unparalleled sleep.

To complement your bed, it’s important to have quality, smooth bedding. You should feel immediately relaxed when you lie down. If your bedding is old or rough, it’s time for an upgrade. Quality Wyoming King bedding begins with long-staple Egyptian count with a single-ply 1,000 thread count. Your sheet set will become smoother with each wash.

Regulate Your Temperature

Some sleepers suffer from night sweats, which can leave them restless and feeling dirty. And while our bodies are designed to become cooler at night, it’s possible that some find the drop in temperature too alarming to dream away. Your environment naturally contributes to the temperature while you sleep, and if you suffer from either extreme, it’s time to make a change. Your body has to naturally work harder to fall asleep if it’s either too hot or cold.

Keep your thermostat set to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts agree that this is the best temperature to fall asleep in. Another great step to take is to ensure that your Wyoming King mattress is keeping you cool at night. All of our Wyoming King beds feature our HyperCool™ material, which is similar to memory foam but sleeps cooler.

Another great way to regulate your temperature is to find a comforter that fits your needs. If you sleep too hot, you’ll want Wyoming King bedding that’s light and doesn’t cause you to sweat. If you found yourself chilly at night, a heavy down material will do the trick in warming you out. The Wyoming King Bed Duvet Comforter is available in three weight options to accommodate all types of sleepers.

Investing in new Wyoming King bedding is just one of the few ways you can stay cool in bed, especially during summer heatwaves.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

Make effort into keeping your bedroom clean. A cluttered, messy, and chaotic bedroom during the day can seep into your precious sleep. If your room isn’t pleasant to be in, imagine how you’ll feel sleeping in a mess that’s like filled with dust mites and allergens. There are simple tasks you can do daily to keep your bedroom spotless.

First, make your bed every day and don’t let messy clothes and objects take up space. In fact, you’ll want to wash sweaty and dirty clothes and bedding as soon as possible to avoid a house call from bed bugs. Then, put away all objects that are simply taking up space. A minimal approach can leave you feeling relaxed.

A clean bedroom doesn’t just mean visually appealing. By making sure your room is spotless, you can avoid dust mites, creatures that prosper in dirty environments, particularly messy bedroom. Dust mites can be a plague for those who suffer from asthma and other allergies, which can affect you while you sleep. If you find yourself sneezing and coughing as you try to drift away, be sure to vacuum and dust regularly. To improve air quality and reduce allergies, consider installing an air purifier or humidifier that works with your needs.

Beyond that, a clean bedroom can help you focus on things that matter. Your mind can immediately drift away to all the trinkets that occupy your room, making them a distraction. A clean room can help reduce the anxiety that comes with sleeping, and cleaning in general can help boost your mood.

Of course, it’s also important to pay attention your bed as well. Just as you ensure that your bedroom is spotless, you can take measures to ensure that your Wyoming King mattress is as clen as possible. One of the best additions to any Wyoming King bed is a mattress protector. A quality mattress protector prolongs the lifespan of your Wyoming king bed by making it resistant to spills, dirt, and general wear and tear.

A mattress protector acts as a great barrier between your body and premium bed. Consider how much skin our body sheds, and the impact it can have on your health if it sticks to your mattress. If you sleep hot, it’s important your Wyoming King bedding is waterproof and breathable, so the sweat from your body doesn’t seep into the mattress itself. In fact, a breathable mattress protector can actually help your body stay cool while you sleep.

Other great ways to create an ideal sleep environment include purchasing blackout curtains that keep your room pitch black. Our bodies weren’t designed to sleep in rooms with glowing electronic screens and displays. And if noisy neighbors are an issue, consider earplugs that help close out all the noise. Or, consider white noise machines that are designed to create a relaxing environment. A good night’s sleep will be right around the corner if you implement these tips to create an ideal sleep environment.