3 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Wyoming King Bed

Looking to upgrade your sleep setup? A Wyoming King bed is a fantastic option for those who want an uncompromised, luxurious sleeping experience with copious amounts of space. A significant step up from King-sized beds, Wyoming Kings can easily fit two adults, one toddler, and an animal, giving each of them ample space to move around. They’re a great choice for families who have co-dependent sleepers or for couples who just love having their own personal space. A Wyoming King mattress is an investment and should be treated as such, which means potential buyers have a lot to consider before they purchase one.

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If you’re in the market for a brand-new bed, you’ll have to consider three important factors before you purchase a Wyoming King mattress.

Is Your Room Big Enough for A Wyoming King Bed?

Everyone who wants to buy a new bed has to narrow one thing down: how big is their space? There are multiple bed sizes available to fit any and all sleeping needs. In most cases, the average bedroom will be able to fit a Full/Double XL or Queen-sized bed. Space become trickier when you require a King-sized bed or higher. For a traditional King bed, you’ll require a room that’s at least 10x10 feet if you want it to fit comfortably.

However, a Wyoming King mattress is larger than a King-sized bed and therefore requires ample space. A Wyoming King bed is 7x7 feet or 84x84 inches, so we recommend housing this mattress in a room that’s at least 12x12 feet. This amount of room is the bare minimum required to fit your mattress, premium Wyoming bed frame, and additional furniture/accoutrements to compliment your space.

While 12x12 feet may seem like a lot of room, it’s just the minimum required. Wyoming King beds are designed to fit as many people as possible while giving them ample amounts of personal space to move around. Having a cramped space to fit a larger bed would defeat the purpose of the oversized mattress, so make sure you have lots of room to spare for the rest of your belongings. Or, take a minimal approach to create a calming and welcoming bedroom.

Finding The Right Mattress Type

If you’re purchasing a brand-new bed, it’s obvious that your old mattress isn’t as competent as it used to be. Why is that? Take note of your previous mattress and determine what worked and what didn’t. It’s important to realize that not all beds are made equal and none succeed in taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Before you purchase a Wyoming King mattress, consider the various options available and find the one that best suits your needs and sleeping style.

If you find yourself tossing or turning throughout the night, or are a known side sleeper, you’ll need extra support to better protect your hips, shoulders, and postures. In general, poor posture can lead to restless nights, so it’s important to tackle the issue by finding the right mattress that provides superior posture support. The sign that a bed that provides exceptional support is if it doesn’t sink or sag when the body lays flat.

If you find yourself in pain or have stiff joints in the morning, you should consider The Original 11” Wyoming King bed. Beyond being exceptionally comfortable, the bed is noted for its posture and back support, which will help align your spine. Say goodbye to joint and neck pain when you sleep on this one-of-a-kind oversized bed.

Certain set of sleepers might find latex foam mattresses to be more comfortable and supportive. They’re also perfect for those who require a firm sleeping surface that doesn’t sink the body. Foam is great at contouring to key body parts and provides exceptional support to those who have back pain and arthritis. Heavy-set individuals may even find latex mattresses to be more comfortable.

Latex beds are also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. This can provide relief for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. And for those sleepers who sleep hot, beds with natural latex can help them sleep cool as the material allows for great airflow.

The Luxe 12” Wyoming King mattress is a great choice for those who want a bed that helps prevent night sweats, reduces tossing and turning, and provides support key body part. The added benefit of this Wyoming King bed is that it the firmness can be customized to your liking. Want a sleep setup that provides a sinking sensation? Try soft. Prefer a bed that cradles you? Try medium. Want to prioritize posture? Firm is the way to go.

And for a premium bed that combines medium and firmness, consider The Grand Luxe 15" Wyoming King mattress. This eco-friendly and ultra-soft bed features two sides, giving sleepers the best of both worlds. Sleepers will rejoice at how one side provides immersive back and shoulder support, while the other succeeds at pressure point relief for stomach and side sleepers. The Grand Luxe Wyoming King bed comes with a 3-year care plan, making it the perfect option for those who see their mattress as an investment into better health and sleep hygiene.

All three Wyoming King beds will stand out in a room that is at least 12x12 feet.

Getting The Appropriate Bed Accessories

One constant worry that pops up with potential Wyoming King bed owners is the lack of availability in terms of bedding and other accessories. Because Wyoming King mattresses are so niche, traditional stores and retail giants often don’t carry sheets and comforters that complement the bed’s oversized nature. Going custom is always an option but it can be quite costly. The good news is Wyoming King Beds features a slew of bedding that works perfectly with oversized King beds.

It's extremely important to protect your mattress, as there’s a chance, you’ll be using it for just under a decade. A quality Wyoming King mattress protector can prolong the life of your bed, which will make sleep all the more rewarding. A bed protector is a fitted sheet that goes over your mattress and provides a barrier between you and the mattress. Spill coffee on the mattress? The bed protector is waterproof, meaning your spill won’t stain the bed and in turn won’t leave a nasty stench behind. A premium mattress protector can also help to protect your mattress from dust mites and other allergens.

Just as important as protecting the mattress is making sure it’s as comfortable as possible. There are a variety of Wyoming King bedding solutions available, such as the Down Alternative Comforter which is available in three customizable weights to suit each sleeping profile. As for Wyoming King bedding, sleepers can relax on our luxurious 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton which boasts a 1,000-thread count. The material gets softer with every wash, so look forward to falling asleep on it every day.

Jumping into the world of Wyoming King beds can be difficult if you’re upgrading from a traditional mattress size but it’s well worth it. The added comfort, premium materials, and extra space can make a world of difference in how you sleep. The better you rest, the better you’ll operate during the day.