Wyoming King vs. California King: Which One Is Better for You?

When it comes time to buy a new mattress, many people only think about standard sizes like California king (cal-king) and regular king.. But there are bigger beds out there, a lot bigger. It starts with the Wyoming king bed, the smallest of the oversized mattresses, but still much larger than conventional mattress options.

Let’s break down how Wyoming king compares to California king and hopefully give you a better insight on which mattress will best fit your needs.

Wyoming King vs. California King: Size Comparison

The California kings’ rectangle shape is a great mattress for tall people. At 84” by 72”, the California King will provide enough space nearly anyone. However, the Wyoming king’s over-sized square-shaped packs in a few extra inches than can not only provide comfortable sleep for tall people, but also fit the entire family, pets and all. The Wyoming king features 7,056 square inches of sleeping space compared the California king’s 6,048.

Wyoming King vs. California King: Bedroom Size Recommendations

If you are looking to purchase a new bed, you must keep your bedroom size in mind. It has to have enough room to accommodate the bed frame, with at least two feet on each size for assembly and maneuvering.

In the US, the standard master bedroom is 14x16 feet. Other bedrooms are a little smaller, and they measure 11x12 feet on average.

The smallest recommended bedroom size for the California king is 10x12 feet. That means that it can easily fit into most master and guest bedrooms. On the other hand, you need a room that’s at least 12x12 feet to place a Wyoming king bed inside comfortably. So, most master bedrooms will do the job, but the average guest room may be too small.

The Wyoming King is the Entry Level Oversized Bed

The Wyoming King bed occupies a unique and enviable position as the happy median among oversized bed options. This is a great starting point when compared to the California king and it doesn't hold the absurdity of the Alaskan King bed sizes. Wyoming King beds strike a harmonious balance between extravagant space and practicality. Perfect for fitting into a medium sized bedroom without giving up on space.

In contrast to the California King, which offers a narrower width, the Wyoming King provides both ample width and length. It's a versatile oversized mattress option for various sleeping arrangements. It comfortably accommodates families who desire extra bed to sprawl across without taking away some one else's space.

The Alaskan King is larger than both the California and Wyoming King. It's the largest of the king size beds at a massive 108 x 108 inches. As a result, it can be excessive for many bedrooms, demanding an extensive amount of space that's not readily available in most homes.

The Wyoming King bridges this gap by offering a substantial sleeping area while still fitting in more standard bedrooms. It appeals to those who want a luxurious sleep experience but also need to fit other furniture in the room. The Wyoming King is the embodiment of balance and comfort.

Who Should Buy the Wyoming King?

The Wyoming king mattress is perfect extra-long mattress for couples looking for a little more sleeping space. Maybe you like to spread around or change positions during the night, and you don’t want to disturb your partner. Or perhaps both of you are over six feet and need more room than the standard king size can offer.

This oversized mattress is a good option for parents who have a small child that likes to crawl in their bed during the night or for the morning cuddles. It is also perfect for pet parents who need a bigger sleeping surface for co-sleeping with their furbabies.

Who Should Buy the California King?

The California king is a great mattress for tall people and couples who need those extra four inches in length compared to the standard king bed. You want to be able to sleep comfortably without having your feet hang off the bottom of the bed or your head smashing into the headboard.

This bed size is excellent for couples who like to sleep close together. It’s four inches narrower than the standard king, so this option is better if you don’t need a wide bed.

In addition, the California king can be a good option for people with a long but narrow bedroom. That way, you can still have enough room to walk around after placing the bed inside.

Which One to Choose?

Both the California and Wyoming king mattresses are excellent for tall people. You should get a Wyoming king if you need a wider mattress with more room to sleep with your partner, child, or pets. On the other hand, the California king is perfect for couples who like to snuggle and fall asleep or anyone with enough space for an oversized mattress, but not quite enough for the Wyoming king.

Keep in mind that while you can get a California king mattress in pretty much any store, the Wyoming king is a rare find. Luckily, plenty of retailers offer both specialty mattresses like the Wyoming king and custom-made mattresses to offer the perfect size for any home’s needs.