Why Choose a Wyoming King Bed Over a Texas King?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

One of the most important parts of building a perfect bedroom is picking the right size bed. When it comes to sizes there are more options available than you might expect. The standard king and queen beds are well-known options. While those are perfect for many people, some may need a bigger option. For those, there also exist larger sizes to choose from.

Options such as the Wyoming King and the Texas King beds. Both oversized beds offer a luxurious sleeping experience. Choosing which one is right is important as they cater to different needs and room sizes.

Oversized Beds Offer a Better Sleeping Experience

Investing in an oversized bed is a great option for anyone seeking a better sleep experience. The extra space provides a luxurious level of comfort. Allowing couples to sprawl out and move how they need to find their perfect sleep position. It minimizes disturbances from a restless partner, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. Moreover, oversized beds accommodate families with children or pets.

These beds offer groups a sense of togetherness while avoiding feeling cramped. They also serve as a fantastic centerpiece for bedroom aesthetics. Purchasing an oversized bed is an investment in both physical and emotional well-being. Choosing restful sleep, relaxation, and an inviting, spacious atmosphere in your bedroom.

Wyoming King and Texas King Beds are Differently Shaped XL Beds

The Wyoming King bed measures 84 inches wide and 84 inches long. It provides 8 extra inches of width versus the standard king's 76. This extra width can make a significant difference in comfort. Wyoming's are also 4 inches longer versus the king's 80.

More space is especially important for couples who want to spread out or have pets sharing the bed. The Texas King bed by comparison is 80 inches wide by 98 inches long. Four inches smaller than a Wyoming King in width, but a vast 14 more inches longer.

The Wyoming King is a Convenient Square XL Bed

One of the key conveniences of a Wyoming king is its more convenient square shape. This shape makes it easier to fit into a wider range of bedroom spaces. It doesn't matter whether your room is square, rectangular, or otherwise configured. A Wyoming bed is better equipped for any layout.

In contrast, a Texas king's elongated dimensions might pose challenges. Even fitting such a large bed in the doorway could be an issue. Even after fitting a Texas bed in the room, the struggles are not yet over. Arranging furniture and navigating around the bed will become more difficult afterwards. Bedding for a Wyoming king bed is generally more available and easier to find than for a Texas king bed.

Finding sheets and other accessories for a Texas king can be more challenging due to its unique size. Wyoming king bedding is easier to source, making maintenance and style updates simpler. In this way, choosing a Wyoming bed could save time and money, making it a convenient option.

The Wyoming King is a Longer Bed Perfect for Taller Individuals

While the Wyoming King has a smaller total surface area, it is a longer mattress. The difference between 80 and 84 inches might sound small. For exceptionally tall people, that extra bit of leg room could make a huge difference. Giving ample room to move around without any of the body hanging off the bed.

When choosing between a Wyoming King and a Texas King bed, it's essential to consider the size of your room. While both beds offer an incredible amount of space, you need to decide which suits your needs. The Wyoming king bed offers a balance between spaciousness and convenience. It is a more versatile choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of an oversized bed. They also avoid the drawbacks, maintaining ease of use in their bedroom.

Whichever option you choose, investing in a larger bed is a great way to improve comfort. If the Wyoming King is your pick, peruse our online showroom to start on your new XL bed journey.