What is a Wyoming King Bed? And Why Get One?

When it comes time to buy a mattress, most buyers assume their options range from the standard twin to the enormous California king, but much larger options and custom-made beds can be found with just a little extra searching, especially if you’re interested in purchasing a mattress online.

There are plenty of over-sized mattress options, but the smallest of these extra-large mattresses is the Wyoming king bed.

All About Wyoming King Beds: The Specs

For some reason, the oversized mattress offerings are all named after states. Texas kings, Alaskan kings, California kings, Wyoming kings – each come in some form of huge that will leave you with more than enough room.

A regular king size mattress is 76x80 inches – just a tad longer than it is wide. A Wyoming king bed is 84x84 inches, or 7x7 feet, a perfect square that gives extra width and extra length. You typically have to get a custom-made mattress when you’re working with oversized beds, but some retailers specialize in these extra-wide and extra-long mattresses.

Who is a Wyoming King Bed Right For?

You might not think so, but that extra few inches of space all around the mattress can make a big difference for sleep. For instance, a couple who is really tall might not be able to stretch out properly on a regular king size mattress. An extra 4 inches of length means a Wyoming king bed is 7 feet long – that’s going to make it a great bed for tall people.

What about if you’ve got a toddler who crawls into bed with you more often than you’d like? An oversized custom mattress is going to give you more room to avoid the sideways sleeping and kicking typical of toddlers. Or if you have one or more large dogs that don’t like to sleep alone? A Wyoming king bed can better accommodate your canine friend and designing your oversized mattress with custom memory foam will also help dampen any movement or sound from a dreaming dog.

A Wyoming King Mattress is a Perfect Family Bed

A Wyoming King bed is the perfect family sized sanctuary for parents with a young child. Its oversized nature offers enough space to fit both parents and their little one comfortably. This larger than king size bed offers enough room to spread out so that nighttime awakenings, feedings, or comforting a fussy child is more manageable. The extra width and length allow parents to create a safe co-sleeping environment, reducing the risk of a child rolling off the bed.

Beyond practicality, the Wyoming King bed fosters a sense of family togetherness and bonding. Parents can snuggle up with their child for storytime or simply enjoy family moments without feeling cramped by a smaller bed. Additionally, as the child grows, the family bed will adapt to their needs, providing ample space for playtime and peaceful nights. When they're too old to share the bed, parents will be able to enjoy a luxurious sleep. They aren't inhibited by the space of this XL family bed in the slightest.

The Wyoming King bed isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a haven of comfort, intimacy, and flexibility for parents and their young child. The Wyoming King is the ideal choice for a family sized bed.

Keeping Room Size in Mind

If the size and space offered by the Wyoming king sound great to you, maybe it’s time to consider making the upgrade, However, before you do, it’s crucial to consider if your bedroom is right for the Wyoming king bed.

A 7x7 foot bed is no joke, and your room will need the proper space to comfortably accommodate it. A general rule of thumb is that your bedroom should be at least 14x14 feet if you’re hoping to purchase a Wyoming king. Slightly smaller rooms may seem like just enough, but anything less will leave you little room for other furniture and make assembling the bed a nightmare.

Where Can You Find Wyoming King Sheets?

One factor with Wyoming king mattresses of any kind is that you usually have to get bed linens custom made. But don’t worry; specialty retailers offer both Wyoming king bedding and custom-sized bed sheets that will perfectly fit a Wyoming king bed. You can find premium, Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases made specifically for Wyoming king beds.

Where Can You Find Wyoming King Bedframes?

So, you think a Wyoming king bed is perfect for you and your family. One considerable challenge you might find is having to find a manufacturer that can custom-make a bed frame for your new over-sized mattress. Well, you won’t have to search too far, as we offer distinctive frames for Wyoming beds. Made in America, our frames will perfectly compliment your oversized bed.

With all the things we know about Wyoming king beds now: what they are, how easy they are to have made and how simple it is to find the right sheets and frames for them, consider one the next time your Great Dane nearly pushes you off your regular-sized mattress.