There are Plenty of Different Size Beds - How Do You Know Which is Best?

Updated: Jan 9

When it comes to choosing a mattress, size is an important factor to consider. The size of your mattress will not only affect your sleeping experience but also the look and feel of your bedroom. Three popular mattress sizes are Wyoming King, Regular King, and Queen. Let's explore the differences between these mattress sizes and why bigger is often better when it comes to your mattress.

Wyoming King vs. Regular King

The Wyoming King mattress is a relatively new mattress size that was created in the United States. It measures 84 inches by 84 inches, which is 7 feet by 7 feet. This mattress is larger than the standard king size mattress, which measures 76 inches by 80 inches. One of the main differences between these two sizes is the square footage of the mattress.

A Wyoming King bed has a total square footage of 58.33 square feet, while a Regular King has a total square footage of 42.22 square feet. This means that a Wyoming King provides an extra 16.11 square feet of sleeping surface area. This may not seem significant to some, but when you share the bed or move in your sleep this is a world of difference. The Wyoming King will leave you with a much more comfortable sleep experience.

Another difference between these two mattress sizes is the cost. A Wyoming King is more expensive than a Regular King because of its larger size. Despite this, the cost will pay for itself for people who need more space while they sleep.

When it comes to choosing between a Wyoming King and a Regular King, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you have a large bedroom and want more space while you sleep, a Wyoming King is likely the right choice for you. However, if you prefer a more standard size and want to save money, a Regular King may work for you.

Alaskan and Alberta King vs. Regular King

The Alberta and Alaskan king mattress sizes stand out for their exceptional dimensions. They offer far more space than the standard king bed but may not fit in as many spaces as the Wyoming king. The Alberta King measures 8 feet by 8 feet, presenting a square-shaped sleep surface that exceeds the typical king size in both width and length.

On the other hand, the Alaskan King surpasses even the Alberta King, boasting colossal dimensions of 9 feet by 9 feet. Both these sizes provide an extensive sleep area, offering unmatched roominess for couples, families, or individuals seeking a vast and luxurious sleeping space.

Comparatively, a regular king-sized mattress measures 6 feet 4 inches by 6 feet 8 inches. They're considerably smaller than the Alberta and Alaskan kings. The standard king bed might pose limitations for those requiring more room to stretch out comfortably during sleep. This is a problem for both heavier and taller individuals seeking a comfortable bed. In contrast, the Alberta and Alaskan king sizes provide substantial extra space. They reduce the likelihood of sleep disruptions due to restricted movement or space constraints.

Both the Alberta and Alaskan king mattress sizes cater to individuals or couples desiring an oversized bed. They wildly surpass the stifling dimensions of a conventional king bed. The larger sleep area offered by these sizes ensures ample room for undisturbed, comfortable slumber. An ideal choice for those seeking a truly expansive and luxurious sleeping experience. The main issue with them is realistically fitting them into a bedroom. As a result, the Wyoming king is a commonly preferred choice due it's more reasonable but luxurious bed size.

Regular King vs. Queen

The Regular King and Queen mattress sizes are two of the most popular mattress sizes on the market. A Regular King measures 76 inches by 80 inches, while a Queen measures 60 inches by 80 inches. This means that a Regular King is 16 inches wider than a Queen, providing more space for couples who share the bed.

One of the main advantages of a Regular King over a Queen is the extra space. The additional width of a Regular King can make a big difference for couples who want to have more space while they sleep. This can be especially important for couples who are taller or have different sleeping habits.

Another advantage of a Regular King over a Queen is that it can accommodate more accessories. For example, a Regular King can easily fit two large pillows, while a Queen may not have enough space for both. A regular king can also accommodate a larger comforter or duvet, which can provide added warmth and comfort during the colder months. Just like with the Wyoming King, if you can afford the difference, you'll do better with a King mattress.

Bigger is Often Better for Your Mattress

In the case of your mattress, bigger is often better. There are several reasons why a larger mattress may be a better choice for you. First, a larger mattress can provide more space, which can be especially important for couples who share the bed. This can prevent disturbances during the night, which can lead to better sleep quality.

Second, a larger mattress can provide more comfort. A larger mattress can accommodate more accessories, such as pillows and blankets. This is both for comfort and potentially decor for if you want throw pillows. Additionally, a larger mattress can prevent you from feeling cramped or constrained while you sleep.

Finally, a larger mattress can be a better long-term investment. A larger mattress may cost more initially, but it can provide you with more space and comfort for years to come. Additionally, a larger mattress can help prevent back pain and other sleep-related problems.

Choosing the right mattress size is an important decision that can affect your sleeping experience. The Wyoming king, regular king, and queen mattress sizes all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal and individual needs. However, if you have the space and budget for a larger mattress, it may be worth considering. A bigger mattress can provide more space, comfort, and long-term benefits that can improve your overall quality of life. So, when it comes to choosing a mattress size, remember that bigger is often better.

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