The Reasons Why a Big Bed Is Always Better

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

There’s no buying experience more stressful than purchasing a new bed. Maybe you’re moving to a bigger space or find that your old mattress simply isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. Whatever your reason for an upgrade, the first decision you have to make is figuring out which bed size is right for you.

Sleep Foundation suggests that the average mattress will last anywhere between seven to ten years, which should compel you to be methodical with your bed purchase. If one-third of our life is spent sleeping, we should opt for beds that maximize comfort and allow for flexibility as our living situations change.

A Large Bed Could Make You Closer to Your Sleeping Partner

An adage suggests that “King-sized beds save marriages,” and there seems to be evidence that supports that. While speaking with Blossom, a marriage therapist discussed how “a king size allows you to have the balance of both touch & space. Physical touch is extremely crucial but, so is space.” A similar sentiment was expressed in a 1995 study conducted by ICE Ergonomics (via National Bed Federation), which revealed that couples sleep better in a bigger bed.

Why is this the case? Well, a larger bed allows couples flexibility when it comes to how close they are while they sleep. With a large, oversized bed, couples who need their own personal space can pivot off to their own separate sides, while those who crave intimacy can cradle up next to one another. With a smaller bed, couples, especially those who are taller than 6”, may feel cramped and congested, which can lead to poor sleep.

A Larger Bed Is More Inviting

Just as a large, oversized bed can make you closer with your sleeping partner, a big mattress is more inviting to children or pets. If you have young kids who are in their co-sleeping phase and find themselves joining you and your partner in the middle of the night, even a king-sized bed can feel cramped. The beauty of a family-size bed, such as the Wyoming King, is that it creates an expansive and welcoming sleep space for the entire family.

With a Wyoming King mattress, there's plenty of room for parents and children to share the bed without feeling cramped or confined. It eliminates the need for constant adjustments to make space for little ones, allowing everyone to enjoy a restful night's sleep. The larger surface area provides a sense of togetherness and security. Whether it's cuddling up for bedtime stories or providing a safe and comforting space during thunderstorms, a family-size mattress like the Wyoming King creates an inviting atmosphere. One where children feel protected and loved.

A family-size bed such as the Wyoming King is not only ideal for couples seeking ample space but also for families with children. Especially ones who occasionally join their parents for a good night's sleep. Its generous dimensions accommodate the entire family comfortably. Large enough to eliminate the cramped feeling of a smaller bed. By providing a spacious and inviting sleep environment, the Wyoming King sized bed enhances family bonding. Smaller mattresses just force you to compromise on your sleep habits.

Even Your Furry Family Members Should Enjoy the Comfort

No one should have to compromise their sleep hygiene. In fact, a great way to boost sleep hygiene is to sleep with pets. A study reveals that those who sleep with their pets have reported better sleep. Some benefits have included increased security and a strong sense of companionship. A similar study also discussed how pets can disturb sleepers. With a larger bed, you’re less likely to notice and feel other sleepers tossing and turning, as everyone gets their own space. If you know that your pets or children are going to be sleeping with you for the next few years, it makes sense to invest in a big bed.

If you’re lucky to have the extra space, it’s worth mulling over the idea of purchasing an oversized bed. Queen beds are fine choices, but they’re trumped in size and popularity by King beds. A King-sized bed rests at 76x80 inches, making it a perfect option for couples or single sleepers who love an abundance of space. Of course, there are sizes large than King, which are definitely worth a gander.

A Wyoming King Bed is a Worthy Oversized Bed Contender

If a standard king-sized bed isn’t cutting it, a Wyoming King mattress will. At 84x84 inches, a Wyoming King bed allows more flexibility and room for the average sleeper. A large room is needed to fit the oversized bed but be rest assured that a Wyoming mattress will dominate any room it’s in.

Per our Wyoming King buyer’s guide, this oversized mattress can easily fit two adults, as well as a child or pet. A Wyoming King is absolutely perfect for couples or individuals who don’t find traditional bed sizes comfortable, like those who are over 6”. In general, the Wyoming King mattress succeeds as an extension of the traditional king-sized bed.

Where To Find a Wyoming King Mattress

While it can be difficult to find Wyoming King mattresses in traditional retail stores, the Wyoming King Bed Company features a variety of mattresses that don’t compromise on quality. The Original Wyoming King Bed is a great, relaxed mattress that provides full body pressure relief and no motion transfer, meaning you won’t feel a thing when your partner, pet, or child tosses and turns in bed. As an all-purpose stop, you’ll be pleased to know that our Wyoming King bedding is made-to-order, meaning you’ll receive a level of product that will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

A quality mattress leads to better sleep, which in turn leads to a better, more productive waking life. A Wyoming King Mattress is a great choice for sleepers who want more flexibility while they try and get their eight hours.