The Benefits of Buying Authentic Wyoming King Bedding

Coming home to a Wyoming King bed is one of life’s finest luxuries – we wish more people could experience the relaxation that comes with sleeping on them. A new bed is a significant investment into one’s sleep hygiene and you’ve likely already experienced major changes. With all the extra space that comes with a Wyoming King mattress, you’re likely getting better sleep, which means you’re far more energetic and engaged in your waking life.

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While a Wyoming King mattress can be purchased at boutique shops and online retailers, it can be difficult to find bedding that is tailor-made for these oversized beds. Simply put, most don’t even know what Wyoming King beds are, despite them becoming popular over the last few years. In most cases, the only way you can find Wyoming King bedding is if you go custom, which can be expensive. There’s also a lack of quality control, meaning you might not get the best possible Wyoming King bedding that money can be.

The solution is simple: buy authentic Wyoming King sheets and bedding. Here at the Wyoming King Bed Company, we provide customers a wide variety of bedding for their oversized beds. Made in the USA, all our products are tailor-made for Wyoming King beds. We love these beds, and we know them inside and out, which is why we make everything you’ll need to have the best sleep of your life. Shopping with the Wyoming King Bed Company allows your bedding to be comfortable, practical, and stylish.

What products do we sell?

View of Comforter on White Bed

Wyoming King Comforter

It’s impossible to go to your local big box store and find a comforter made for a Wyoming King bed. Resting at 7” X 7”, a Wyoming King mattress demands a comforter that’s larger than a typical, standard-sized King bed. Because you have a bed that’s so wonderful, you shouldn’t compromise on any front, let alone bedding.

The Wyoming King Bed Company’s Duvet Comforter is premium and soft-to-the-touch thanks to its ethically sourced cotton sateen shell. Created with HyperLoft™ fill, our hypoallergic shaved microfiber mimics the warmth and fluffiness of a down comforter with none of the environmental setbacks. Made exclusively for Wyoming King beds, the comforter will perfect rest on your oversized mattress. Not even sleeps the same, which is why the Duvet Comforter is available in three different sizes. Sleep hot? The Lightweight option is perfect for those who need a relaxing cool sleep. Consider the All Season or Ultra Warm weights for a hotter sleeping experience.

Wyoming King Sheets

A bed isn’t complete without a pair of quality sheets that perfectly wrap around your bed. Quality Wyoming King bedding can make sleeping more comfortable and contribute to the insulation of the bed, which is why you shouldn’t skimp out on getting the cheapest sheets. At the same time, it can be difficult to find Wyoming King sheets that aren’t exorbitantly expensive because the product itself is so niche. Forgoing custom-made products, the best option Wyoming King mattress owners have is treating themselves to our sheet set.

Our Wyoming King sheets are made from 100% premium, long-staple Egyptian cotton. Thread count is extremely important to a good night’s sleep, which is why our sheet sets boast a single-ply thread count of 1,000. With Egyptian cotton, you’ll receive a sheet set that gets softer with every wash. Made-to-order, our cool-to-sleep on Wyoming King sheets come with a fitted and flat sheet, as well as 2 pillow cases. Available in white, light gray, dark gray, and navy blue.

Wyoming King Mattress Protector

The importance of protecting a bed, especially a Wyoming King mattress, can’t be understated. A mattress is a legitimate investment into bettering your waking life and if you don’t take proper care of your bed, you’ll be stuck with something that causes issues. You might even have to replace your mattress earlier than expected, which can cause a hole in your wallet. The best way to take care of your mattress is to purchase a tight, fitted mattress protector.

A Wyoming King mattress protector does just that. Meant to wrap around your bed like a fitted sheet, the premium mattress protector saves your bed from accidental spills and fluids, general wear and tear, dirt, and the likes of dead skin or loose hair. Wash the mattress protector once every month or so and you’ll be sleeping on a Wyoming King mattress that’s as good as new. While the mattress protector is waterproof, if there’s a major spill, such as a breakfast in bed gone awry, we recommend washing it immediately. Like all of our Wyoming King bedding, the mattress protector sleeps cool.

Authentic Wyoming King bedding means you'll receive the best possible products for your oversized beds. Everything will fit and feel like it’s supposed to. To learn more about how we make our products, we invite you to join us on our virtual factory tour.