Modern & Stylish Bed Frames to Make Your Wyoming King Bed Stand Out

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Archie bedroom scene at an angle#color_lichen

Are you in the market for a brand-new Wyoming King bed? Congratulations. You’re about to enter a whole new world of comfortable sleep and relaxation. We love making Wyoming King mattresses because they’re large and spacious, big enough for two adults, your favorite pet, and a toddler. These oversized beds are special because they provide everyone ample room, giving everyone their own personal space, which makes sense considering they’re far larger than traditional king-sized beds.

Most households tend to carry traditional-sized beds, which can make it difficult for retail giants and mattress stores to carry beds and furniture that cater to Wyoming King owners. Often, those with oversized beds will have to go custom, which can be expensive and time-consuming. You lose the simplicity of going to your local furniture store and falling in love with a bed frame at first sight.

If you’re struggling to find a premium and attractive bed frame to compliment your Wyoming King mattress, look no further. We’ve found great options that will stand out in any bedroom.

The Platform Wyoming King Bed Frame

Let’s be honest, a Wyoming King bed stands out on its own. After all, the mattress is considerably larger than any on the traditional market, making the bed itself a conversation starter when guests come over. With its square-like design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bed that stands out more than a Wyoming King mattress, which is why The Platform is a great choice.

Front view of platform bed frame with a mattress

The Platform by the Wyoming King Bed Company is a minimalistic and sleek bed frame that puts the focus on the mattress itself. Note the luxurious diamond design that dominates the bed frame. Simple yet elegant.

This premium, all-wood constructed bed frame is made in North Carolina and stands 13-inches from the floor to the top of the Wyoming King bed. The made-to-order bed frame feature 6-inch-tall legs. Worried this behemoth of a bed frame won’t be able to enter your bedroom? Worry not. This one-of-a-kind platform bed is crafted in 2 sections with four furniture legs per section, meaning it will easily be able to slide through your doorway.

The Wyoming King Kincaid Bed Frame

Here’s a Wyoming King bed frame fit for a king. If a minimalistic design doesn’t fancy you, consider the Kincaid Bed by the Wyoming King Bed Company. Standing 17-inches from the floor, this bed frame is perfect for those who want something regal to hold their Wyoming King mattress.

Kincaid Bed Frame in Slate#color_slate

Available in four stylish but subdued colors that complement our Wyoming King sheets, the Kincaid bed frame is elementally tufted with the finest materials. The headboard is adorned with a diamond pattern that will dominate the room, while the base stands with a neutral popcorn design. This Wyoming King bed frame is a work of art you’ll never want to get out of.

The Archie Wyoming King Bed Frame

If you want to show off your Wyoming King bed with a regal bed frame, consider the Archie Wyoming King bed frame, which stands 17-inches from the ground. Meant to mimic the design of a timeless heirloom, the tufted Archie bed frame immediately stands out as one of the Wyoming King Bed Company’s most regal offerings.

Archie Bed Frame in Buff#color_buff

Reinforced by premium dowels, the bed frame’s base is made of poplar and maple hardwood, resulting in a strong and sturdy base. Moving up, the tufted headboard features up to 148 hand-designed buttons. Made from soft-to-the-touch fabrics, it’s easy to put your back against the headboard and relax with a nice book. The Archie Wyoming King bed frame is available in four modern colors that will make your room pop.

The Kodiak Wingback Bed Frame

Modern. Trendy. Cozy. With just the perfect amount of style. Introducing the Wyoming King Bed Company’s Kodiak Wingback bed frame, made for those who want a minimalistic bed to crawl into that still holds a luxurious flavor. Handcrafted, the Wingback bed frame features base from poplar and maple hardwood. Dowls are used in construction to ensure that the wood doesn’t pull apart and can withstand general wear and tear, meaning your Wyoming King bed frame is built to last.

Kodiak Bed Frame in Eclipse#color_eclipse

Sturdy, durable, and fashionable, the Wingback bed frame stands 170-inches from the ground. The headboard is made from high-quality fabrics, making it a pleasure to rest your head on. Available in four unique colors, the Kodiak Wingback bed frame is an absolute delight that will blend into your room.

Accessories To Complement Your Wyoming King Bed Frame

No bed frame is perfect without bedding to compliment it. For Wyoming King bedding that doesn’t break the budget and snugly fits your oversized mattress, consider The Duvet Comforter. Chic and bold, the Down Alternative comforter is made with ethically sourced materials that mimic the softness and comfort of Down.

Filled with hypoallergenic shaved microfiber and wrapped in a sateen weave long staple cotton exterior shell, this comforter will keep you relaxed each night. Choose from three different weights to accommodate your sleep profile.