A Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Right Bed Pillow Size

If you've recently made the exciting investment in a new mattress, the anticipation of that first night of sleep is palpable. The allure of sinking into the plush comfort of your upgraded bed beckons. However, before you embark on this eagerly awaited slumber, there's one crucial detail to attend to. You need to ensure that you have the perfect-sized pillow for your new bed.

The harmony of a restful night's sleep is not only influenced by the quality of your mattress but also by the complementing elements, and your choice of pillow plays a pivotal role. The size of your pillow should align with the dimensions of your mattress. It helps create a cohesive and supportive sleep environment.

Selecting the perfect pillow size involves considering the width and length of your mattress. A well-proportioned pillow enhances the sleep experience by providing optimal support to your head and neck. It promotes proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of discomfort and enhancing the quality of your sleep.

Whether you've opted for a cozy twin or a sprawling Wyoming King-sized mattress, there's a pillow size that caters to the unique dimensions of your bed. Investing in the right-sized pillow is a small yet significant step toward creating a sleep sanctuary tailored to your comfort and well-being.

What are the different pillow sizes?

You’re probably familiar with odd pillow sizes like body pillows and jumbo pillows, but pillows actually come in four common sizes plus body pillows.

  • Standard: 20 x 26 inches
  • Jumbo: 20 x 28 inches
  • Queen: 20 x 30 inches
  • King: 20 x 36 inches

Standard pillow

The standard size pillow, which is also the most common pillow you’ll find in stores, is 20 x 26 inches. It’s size makes it a versatile option that works in almost any bed.

Standard pillows are best for anyone who sleeps on their stomach or who likes to bunch up or stack their pillows under their head at night.

Compatible mattress: The standard size pillow goes best with a twin or full size mattress. Ideally, you’ll want two if you’re sleeping on a full size bed. While it’s perfectly fine on queens and larger, you’ll need a few extra pillows for optimal comfort.

Jumbo pillow

Jumbo size pillows are sometimes referred to as standard-XL pillows. They come in at a slightly larger 20 x 28 inches. Jumbo pillows are great for anyone who rolls and turns in their sleep. Given the extra two inches of width, jumbo pillows allow a little more room for movement throughout the night.

Compatible mattress: Jumbo pillows are great for smaller beds. One will take up just the right amount of space on twin and full beds. Two jumbo pillows are ideal for queen mattresses.

Queen pillow

Queen pillows are where the sizes start to get noticeably larger and outgrow twin mattresses. Queen pillows are 20 x 30 inches which will fill out larger peds and provide more than enough space.

Much like jumbo pillows, queen pillows are great for tossers and turners. They’re also great for anyone looking to recreate the feeling of sleeping in a luxury hotel at home.

Compatible mattress: It should come as no surprise that the queen pillow is compatible with, you guessed it, the queen mattress size. Two will fit perfectly while leaving just a little bit of space.

King pillow

King pillows measure a giant 20 x 38 inches. Their huge size makes their name a fitting one as these pillows are sure to give you a feeling of comfortable luxury.

King pillows are great for anyone who sleeps on their back or side. Their added height gives anyone who folds their standard pillows the desired elevation without the folding and stacking.

Compatible mattress: Two king pillows will fit perfectly on a king or even California king bed. If you own an oversized mattress, like a Wyoming king, king pillows are also your best choice.

Choosing the right pillow size

The number one factor to keep in mind when pillow shopping is mattress size. If you just brought home a brand new Wyoming king mattress you definitely don’t want to try sleeping on it with a pile of standard-size pillows. Basically, the larger your bed the larger your pillow should be.

It’s also important to keep in mind what kind of sleepier you are. If you’re someone who is on the restless side, putting a bigger pillow in your twin bed may be a great choice. It may not work for everyone, but a queen size pillow in a twin bed may give you optimal pillow space.

If money is one of your main factors in making a purchase, it’s probably wisest to go with a standard size pillow. Jumbos can also have some great value given their slightly larger size. However, once you get into the queen to king range, you may be looking at a greater investment than you’d like to make.

Now you know everything you need to know about basic pillow sizes. If your new Wyoming king mattress is ready to go, run to the store and get the right pillows to ensure you get the most out of your brand new bed. These huge Wyoming mattresses might need a few extra pillows!