3 Factors to Consider When Buying Wyoming King Sheets

Purchasing bed sheets can be just as difficult as finding a new mattress. The right bed sheet can help improve your sleep quality, making you feel more secure and relaxed in bed. When searching for a bed sheets or Wyoming King accessories in general, you should consider how much comfort is provided and if the sheets promote relaxation as it rests against your skin and bed. Just like buying a new bed, not all bedding is made equal, especially when you’re looking for bed sheets that fit a Wyoming King mattress.

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Before you purchase the first set of bed sheets you see at the superstore, understand the various factors you should consider when it comes to buying Wyoming King sheets.


When you purchase a bed, one of the first things you look at is the material of the mattress. Some prefer memory foam, while other bodies adjust well to coils. When it comes to bed sheets, your first point of focus should be finding a premium material that rests well against your skin and doesn’t leave you with allergies or a need to scratch. While cotton and linen are great bed sheet materials, we invite you to seek better options that leave you in a state of bliss every time you lie down. For a more premium feel, long-staple Egyptian cotton is the way to go. Unlike regular cotton, Egyptian cotton is handpicked, ensuring that the fibres are less stressed during the process. This leads to a softer and more durable sheets.

The longer the thread, the more durable the sheet is Egyptian cotton bedding is noted for its durability, known to get softer with each wash. Investing early in a good material means you’re less likely to replace bed sheets so soon. If you want maximum comfort, take note of how breathable the material is. Long-staple Egyptian cotton is one of the most breathable materials on the market. Air will naturally flow through the sheets, leaving you relaxed and cool as you lie on your Wyoming King mattress. If you want Wyoming King bedding that’s as comfortable as sleeping on a cloud, seek out bed sheets that feature authentic, toxin-free materials.

Thread Count

After you’ve researched the best bedding material for your sleeping needs, take into consideration the importance of thread count. Eliminate the notion that thread counts are just a marketing gimmick; the higher the thread count, the softer your Wyoming King bedding will be. One should never compromise on thread count, especially if they want to buy sheets that will last a long time. The softer the bedding, i.e., higher the thread count, the more durable the sheet will be. Be wary of how thread counts are marketed, however. Thread counts go hand-in-hand with material. For example, a microfibre sheet with a thread count of 2000 simply won’t match up to long-staple Egyptian cotton bedding that boasts a 1000 thread count. It’s important to find a balance between the material and thread count. While thread count is important, the quality of the material overrides the number of threads in any given sheet.

The Right Size

Perhaps the most difficult factor to consider when it comes to buying Wyoming King sheets is sizing. Major retailers feature a variety of bed sheets made from a multitude of materials, but there’s a strong chance that they don’t carry bedding made specifically for Wyoming King beds. Because Wyoming King mattresses are so uncommon and niche, it’s practically impossible to find ready-made premium sheets at brick-and-mortar stores. After all, you can’t just make do with a King-sized bed sheet – it just won’t fit. Material and thread count are absolutely moot if bedding doesn’t properly fit a bed. To get maximum comfort, bedding should perfect fit a bed to create a snug wrap.

In most cases, Wyoming King owners would be forced to go to the custom route if they want bedding. Custom can often lead to mixed results and can be quite costly, especially when compared to ready-made products. It shouldn’t be difficult to find high-quality and snug Wyoming King bedding, which is why the Wyoming King Bed Company offers both a relaxing fitted and comfortable flat sheet, complete with two pillow cases.

The Best Wyoming King Bedding Will Leave You Relaxed

The Wyoming King Bed Company sheet set is made from 100% premium long-staple Egyptian cotton with a single-ply thread count of 1000. Made to order with strict sizing guidelines, the sheet set is exclusively made for Wyoming King beds, making them a perfect fit. Light, breathable, and relaxing, this sheet set becomes softer with every wash. Available in four stunning colors, the Wyoming King Bed Company sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.